Investor Relations

QUESTIONSTAR is a fully bootstrapped entrepreneurial endeavor of Motaev Marx Motaev GbR.

Started to market in Germany in 2019, QUESTIONSTAR grows with positive unit economy and NPS > 66 %. That is, the business has successfully passed the validation stage, has a huge potential, all customers are satisfied. Currently, we are working to increase our growth rate and to expand our business to Europe, North America, CIS, and China. However, we admit that marketing is not our strength and we can grow much faster. Our customers do love our tool exceptionally.

We are not actively looking for investments, but would appreciate your interest if you are eager to help us grow with your expertise in sales and marketing. We have proven potentials to beat Qualtrics and Survey Monkey (in fact, their customers are already switching to us) and would welcome you on board with your expertise in scaling an online business.

Dr. Paul Marx (co-founder)
+49 (511) 89 86 15 34